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Explore products made by Amir Farm.


Discover the beauty of sustainable farming and immerse yourself in the bountiful world of our farm, where nature's blessings come alive.


Discover the beauty of nature and shop our exquisite collection of trees, transforming your space into a vibrant oasis with our premium tree ecommerce website.


Embrace the freshness of farm-to-table experience with our Subzi Mandi ecommerce website, bringing you a wide selection of farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, and organic produce straight from the fields of India.


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Our Farm
- First Blog -
The Enchanting Backyard River: Nature's Serenade on My Farm
- Backyard River -
Blossoming Beauty: Exploring the Wonders of My Vibrant Garden
- My Garden -
A Timeless Workhorse: The Enduring Legacy of My Old Ford Farm Truck
- Old Ford Truck -
Gentle Giants: The Majestic Cows That Grace My Farm
- Majestic Cows -
The Everlasting Workhorse: Unveiling the Legacy of My Old John Deere Tractor
- Everlasting John Deere Tractor -
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Our Amazing Team

These Are The People Who Make Our Products.

Ibrahim Siddiqui

Assistant Developer

Nasir Siddiqui

CEO | Head Developer

Larry Parker

Lead Designer

We Have One Of The Most Hard Working Crew To Make The Magic Happen.


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